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The best way to predict sales and growth for a luxury brand is through its current online popularity. Because of this, Luxe Digital analyzes the online popularity of the best luxury brands in order to rank them in the 10 most popular among the most affluent in 2020.

More than any other, luxury products and services are very much focused on the perception and popularity of the brand since people buy them because they appreciate and believe in the brand. That is why it is a very brand-driven industry.

As the third consecutive year in which this list of luxury brands is presented, the methodology used has proved to be a confidence indicator for future sales. The 10 luxury brands that are part of this list are at the center of the great attention of consumers and the media, being a prominent target for influencers and modern consumers. Bearing this in mind, they are brands that will present a great performance.

Only 10 brands are chosen since it is observed that consumer interest is already highly concentrated in the first 5 brands on the list (60%) and then from the 10 brands it is already possible to notice a considerable drop in consumer interests.

The online popularity of a luxury brand is estimated by considering a combination of the brand’s value and participation through voice research and media conversations.

The focus was exclusively on brands within the luxury fashion, beauty and “hard luxury” categories (jewelry and watches).

Top 10 luxury brands:


Ranks 1st on the list of most popular luxury brands in 2020, however, online searches have been falling year after year. It continues to be a brand with a strong presence in the sneaker market and to be adored for its boldness. This fall is due to the fact that other brands that managed to reach Gucci such as Balenciaga, Valentino, Fendi and Saint Laurent have emerged. Despite this, the brand continues to reign in the market, being spoken on average more than 11 million times a month.

Louis Vuitton

Taking second place on this list, the brand’s popularity has been increasing since the famous designer Virgil Abloh became artistic director of men’s fashion. This brand continued to launch great, highly praised collaborations, having worked with Supreme to connect with another generation of luxury consumers. The brand is estimated to be valued at $ 39.3 billion, making it one of Forbes’ most valuable brands in 2020.


The luxury brand now ranks 3rd on the list. It has increased its overall value which is estimated at $ 9 billion. Chanel has invested in other areas of digital and is the bearer of a luxurious digital narrative with fantastic visuals and engaging videos that generate a lot of interest. Being known for the famous Chanel perfume no.5 and for the Chanel suit.


The Swiss luxury watch brand Rolex ranks fourth on our list. The brand value is estimated at $ 9.1 billion, ranking 78th in Forbes magazine. The fact that there are more and more old Rolex models on the market has been arousing consumer interest. The brand has a relevant brand figure in the sporting world, with some of the world’s most famous athletes advertising Rolex watches, including Roger Federer, Lindsey Vonn and Phil Mickelson.


The French luxury company Dior rose two points in the ranking of the best brands, thus occupying the 5th place thanks to its premium and exclusive collections. Maria Grazia Chiuri became the brand’s creative director in 2016, bringing a friendly approach to the creations of the millennium generation to Dior, attracting great attention and increasing popularity. Christian Dior was obstinate when it came to e-commerce, but lately he has been focusing on online growth.


The brand that is part of the French luxury group Kering, is one of the fastest growing in the world, occupying the 6th place in this list. The brand’s consumers are 60% young buyers. The brand has a bold and modern design that is driving the brand’s popularity.


The Italian luxury fashion brand founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975 now ranks 7th on this list. The brand offers a wide range of design products such as clothing, watches, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Armani has reduced the number of its brands to three in order to consolidate them better, namely: sophisticated Giorgio Armani, mid-range Emporio Armani and A | X Armani Exchange more for young people.

Yves Saint Laurent

The French luxury brand, founded in 1961, is the second largest brand in the Kering group and ranks 8th on the list. The brand’s success is due to the diversification of premium products.


The American luxury jewelry brand was purchased in 2020 by the French luxury group LVMH. The brand went down three places, finding itself in 9th place on the list. The brand has products that vary between jewelry, crystals, fragrances, watches and others. It is a brand that plays a good role in terms of social networks, especially on Instagram, as it manages to innovate in resources to snatch young and affluent customers.


The British luxury brand that was founded in 1856 now ranks 10th on the list and is known worldwide for its iconic overcoats, sunglasses, accessories, cosmetics and clothing. The brand, in addition to venturing into new product lines, also continues to gain more and more attention on its social networks with its elegant online video campaigns.

Written by Vanessa Rodrigues

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