Top 5 Hotels to visit in Miami in May

Miami, a multicultural city with various Latin and American influences. It is best known for its beaches, subtropical climate, and vibrant nightlife. The city offers a range of hotels to suit all tastes, as well as attractions like the Art Deco Historic District. In this article, we will explore the top 5 hotels to stay […]

Tadao Ando: A Journey Through Light and Silence

Tadao Ando, born in Osaka, Japan, in 1941, is one of today’s most acclaimed architects. His work, characterized by the masterful use of natural light, exposed concrete and integration with nature, transcends borders and defies conventions. Self-taught, Ando began his career in the 1960s after traveling around Europe and North America, where he studied architecture […]

Mariposa House and designed by Chicago architects Brininstool & Lynch.

mariposa house

Mariposa House is an extensive house, designed by Chicago architects Brininstool & Lynch, which has undergone a complete renovation of its landscape. The founder of architecture firm Brininstool & Lynch, Brad Lynch, received a call from a client who was interested in buying a 1955 modernist home asking him if he could fly to Malibu […]

Modern chalet on Powder Mountain, Utah

This modern chalet on Powder Mountain is located in a natural park in Utah, on an easy-to-ski slope with picturesque views. The structure consists of two floors, having been designed by Jo Nagaska of Schemata Architects in collaboration with Lloyd Architects. The lower floor was built with steel frames and a highly insulated wooden structure […]

The state of the reconstruction of Notre Dame, two years later

On April 15, 2019, the world witnessed the fall of the Notre Dame Cathedral tower after a fire. Two years later, this centenary mark is undergoing an immense restoration. The reconstruction of this jewel of Gothic architecture is being rebuilt with oaks from the local forests and with 200 workers on site every day. According […]