Top 5 Hotels to visit in Miami in May

Miami, a multicultural city with various Latin and American influences. It is best known for its beaches, subtropical climate, and vibrant nightlife. The city offers a range of hotels to suit all tastes, as well as attractions like the Art Deco Historic District. In this article, we will explore the top 5 hotels to stay […]

Top 5 Best Hotels to Visit In Austria in April

Austria is a country with a rich history and culture, enchanting its visitors with imperial architecture, art and Alpine landscapes. In this article, you will find 5 hotels to stay during a visit to this country and to create lasting memories. Hotel Bristol, Vienna It is the best choice for those seeking a luxurious and […]

Top 5 of the Best Hotels to visit in Paris in March

Hotel Juliana

As Paris blossoms into spring, let’s dive into a list of the city’s top-notch hotels, promising an indulgent escape for those in search of the finest experiences. Here’s a rundown of some exquisite stays to make your March memorable: Hotel Juliana: Personalized Luxury at Its Best Discover the unique charm of the Hotel Juliana, a […]

Top 5 Best Hotels to Visit in Greece in February

Greece, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, beckons travelers year-round. Even in February, the country’s allure remains undiminished, offering visitors a chance to explore its treasures in a more tranquil setting. For those seeking luxury accommodations during their winter getaway, here are the top five hotels in Greece that promise an unforgettable […]

Top 5 of the best hotels to visit in Glasgow in January

Glasgow is a city that has been badly misinterpreted in the past, nowadays it is one of the most eclectic and entrepreneurial European cities. It has established itself as an impressive destination for travelers, as it offers architectural diversity, varied culinary offerings and a world-class music scene. Strolling through the streets of the city you […]

Top 5 Best Sustainable Hotels to Visit in December

Contrary to what many people think, anything that is “ecological” or “sustainable” is not a low budget. The travel industry was the closest to a sustainable future, but now hotel developers look at the costs of sustainable luxury property as an investment. With the pandemic prohibitions and consequently the decrease in travel, the impact they […]