ISALONI 2024: The Countdown Begins

isaloni 2024

As spring breathes new life into the world, the design community turns its eager gaze towards Milan, the vibrant heart of creativity and innovation. The ISALONI fair, an event that has long been the beacon for interior designers, architects, and enthusiasts alike, is on the horizon. Mark your calendars for April 16th to 21st, 2024, […]

Akira Nakai: The man who became known for cutting up Porsches

Akira Nakai is the name behind a global phenomenon in the world of tuning: Rauh-Welt Begriff, better known as RWB. Based in a small workshop in Chiba, Japan, Nakai has been building unique and striking interpretations of the classic Porsche 911 for years. Unlike traditional tuners, Nakai doesn’t follow ready-made formulas. He travels the world […]

10 Fascinating and unknown facts about Banksy

A name that evokes mystery, rebellion and a fierce critique of modern society. The identity of this urban artist remains an enigma to this day, which makes his works all the more emblematic. His graffiti, scattered around the streets of major cities around the world, satirizes themes such as war, poverty, inequality and the power of the media.

Top 5 Best Hotels to Visit in Greece in February

Greece, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, beckons travelers year-round. Even in February, the country’s allure remains undiminished, offering visitors a chance to explore its treasures in a more tranquil setting. For those seeking luxury accommodations during their winter getaway, here are the top five hotels in Greece that promise an unforgettable […]

Modern chalet on Powder Mountain, Utah

This modern chalet on Powder Mountain is located in a natural park in Utah, on an easy-to-ski slope with picturesque views. The structure consists of two floors, having been designed by Jo Nagaska of Schemata Architects in collaboration with Lloyd Architects. The lower floor was built with steel frames and a highly insulated wooden structure […]

Jeans that satisfy lifestyle needs in the 21st century

In partnership with designer Joe Doucet, the luxury 3×1 jeans brand created a transformed pair of jeans to satisfy the new needs of 21st century life. Doucet clarifies that the classic 5-pocket jeans that everyone knows and loves to wear is a 19th century coat that was designed for workers. He also mentions that, instead […]

The non-real sculptures

Alessandro Paglia is an abstract artist and photographer who uses black pen and paper to create non-real sculptures, which need to be contemplated. These sculptures, which are actually real, are created by the artist entirely by hand, the process first goes through a pencil sketch and then the use of overlapping layers of chaotic lines […]