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Rolex Daytona

At the beginning of the launch, the Daytona watch was very complicated by Rolex standards and was not very popular, which made production numbers low. It was often ridiculed for its bold dial and contrasting sub-displays.

Rolex Daytona

This has undergone a change since Paul Newman, a famous actor and racing driver, wears a watch of this model, thus turning it into something desirable. It took a big Hollywood star to use it to be accepted and then become one of the hottest in the world.

These exotic Art Deco dials are among the most collectible watches in the world, since the fact that they were unpopular at the time of production meant that a small number of them were originally produced, so that the number existing today is too low.

The production figures for Daytona watches, even in the next two generations, have been kept relatively low compared to the other models. What we also found was that the stainless-steel Daytona was produced in greater numbers than those with precious metal counterparts, which makes these ultra-luxurious watches even less common today.

Rolex Daytona

Long waiting lists!

This model, with low production numbers, is part of the largest Rolex waiting lists. Therefore, when they are produced and sent to Rolex stores or resellers, they are not placed in store windows waiting for someone to buy them, as there is already a long list of people waiting to acquire their disease to be available. This wait can take several years.

The reason people are willing to wait so long is because of the price. This is because if the person is lucky enough to get one on the waiting list it means that they will pay much less than they would pay in the market to purchase one immediately. Modern stainless steel and Cerachrom Rolex Daytona cost $ 13,150 USD in demand, while on the market they sell for about twice as much.

The Rolex Daytona has incredible value, making it incredibly desirable!

Another great advantage of this watch is that in addition to lasting a lifetime, it is a product that increases in value over the years. For example, a stainless steel and ceramic Daytona that cost $ 13,000 in 2019 is now selling for more than $ 25,000. These prices increase due to the collectors who are always willing to pay more in the market to ensure that they really manage to acquire a current production of Daytona, making this watch ultra-desirable.

However, second-hand Rolex Daytona watches are still valuable investments. These watches were produced for 12 years, from 1988 to 2000, which means that not all references have yet reached “vintage” status. However, as these models grow in value, there are many worth tens of thousands of dollars today and we can expect even greater increases as they continue to age and reach vintage status.

Rolex Daytona


It is important to note that Daytona’s vintage references have reached exorbitant levels of value and collection. The first generation of models is the only one that can truly be considered as vintage models, being the only ones that have hand wind acrylic crystals. In addition, they have many other small variations that make them unique, rare and valuable.

Of the most valuable are those that have the exotic dials, which was used by Paul Newman, where there are several variations of the dials such as white with black sub-dials – known as panda – and black with white subdials – known as the reverse panda – in the models of stainless steel. The small rarities in the Daytona model occur in small changes in the display as “floating text” such as the signature of retailers such as Tiffany, the famous “Big Red” Daytona and the exchange of “Rolex Oyster Cosmograph” for “Rolex Cosmograph Oyster” .

Another valuable example would be the “tropical” dials, these are highly sought after for an anomaly due to small imperfections in the finish that end up turning the black dial into brown, collectors covet this model a lot being willing to pay very high fees, since it is very difficult to find it. This great desire, high value and rarity make the Rolex Daytona incredibly difficult to find.

Rolex Dayton- status symbol

What makes a watch a status symbol is the fascinating combination of exclusivity, long-lasting design and premium quality. The Daytona became a status symbol when Rolex started to equip this watch with true luxury features like diamonds, colored stones and exclusive alloys like 18k gold and 950 platinum.

With that in mind, even stainless steel models are incredibly desired and used as a status symbol by collectors and celebrities around the world. They are undoubtedly the most expensive stainless steel watches that Rolex offers due to the combination of status. What makes this model a status symbol is its lack of availability and long waiting lists that offer a level of exclusivity that rivals its precious metal equivalents.

The Daytona collection represents exclusivity. Because of this, the brand creates more and more ultra-luxurious models equipped with luxury features. Rolex cannot simply increase the production of the Daytona due to the chronograph caliber it presents, but at the same time it was not in their interest to do so since it is their lack of availability that gives it rarity, exclusivity and is what the makes it so desirable and it preserves its convenience and long-term value.

Rolex Daytona

How to find a Rolex Daytona?

The best bet for buying a Rolex Daytona is on the secondary market, although you probably have to pay a premium, the advantage is that you will have immediate access to this immensely desirable watch and that it will have a great increase in value over time. You can also choose to buy from an authorized Rolex dealer or at your boutique, but you will have to be part of long waiting lists that can last for years.

Another advantage of buying on the secondary market is that you have more options to choose from. While buying from a retailer you will only find current production models, on the secondary market you can find anything from models completely in good condition to models with discontinued vintage references.

Written by Luís Leão

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