MainGUILTY Will Spice Up The Third Edition of “Build Your House” Exhibition in Qatar


Qatar will host the third edition of the “Build Your House” exhibition, organized by Qatari NeXTfairs Company, after two extremely successful editions. The showcase, whose focus is to support the citizens of Qatar and the surrounding area to design, build and renovate houses and private housing projects, will be attended by MainGUILTY in the next edition, are you ready for what is coming?

Build Your House Exhibition 2021 – Abu Issa Holding

The event, in addition to having a showcase area, where the inhabitants of Qatar can have access to several important aspects about what to talk about in the decoration of the houses, will also deal with important topics related to the construction of their houses, such as choosing the project tailored to your needs, the criteria for selecting the ideal consultant and contractor and all the details of the implementation steps.

The absolute purpose of Build Your House is to act as an awareness campaign to support those who want to build a house, helping others not to make mistakes. And of course, see pieces to enhance the beauty of the houses!

Speaking of decor…

MainGUILTY is an indoor furniture brand. It combines art and design and all its products are authentic masterpieces. Have you ever thought of your home as a museum?

The products that we will take to the fair will not be revealed for now, however we leave here some pieces to make you feel inspired.

Royce Sideboard

Rolls-Royce is by far the epitome of luxurious cars in this world. To own a Rolls-Royce, you don’t just need money, but much more. The Royce Sideboard fits this exclusive, luxurious profile and stands out due to the door opening, distinct from common sideboards. A piece capable of standing out in any space, involving you in an environment of class and charm.

Vesuvio Sideboard

In August of the year 79, the city of Pompeii was completely destroyed by the great eruption of the Vesuvius volcano. The Vesuvius family was inspired by the historic passage of Pompeii in order to perpetuate an unprecedented event.

Anthea Console

Phidias was a famous sculptor in ancient Greece and considered the father of idealistic sculpture. If in Egypt, sculpture was represented statically, in ancient Greece, this movement emerges as a form of greatness. They were represented with no imperfections and were always depicted as youngsters, in order to highlight the divine character. (650-600 BC.) MainGUILTY rediscovers many of the fragmented Greek works, lost over the last centuries, and offers a new form of expression. The Anthea family offers a small piece of world sculpture history for a cult atmosphere.

Apollo Console

Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was described as the sun and light of truth. Considered by many, the most beautiful and most powerful of Olympus, known as the God of Beauty. MainGUILTY recreates the importance of the Gods and perpetuates their divine history. We believe that a protected environment provides a space of long divinity and beauty.

Bubble Big Sofa

With its organic and cute shapes, the Bubble Family represents the youthful side of MainGUILTY. Combining comfort and elegance in a relaxed and irregular piece of art, capable of awakening the desire to lie down and relax for hours on end. We wish to awaken the sensory side at the same time we provide unique moments of relaxation under a giant bubble.

Valerie Chair

The feminine elegance is the key to passion. Inspired by women’s sensuality, the Valerie Chair offers elegance and an exotic touch to any environment. The back of the chair features a sophisticated loop involving the brand logo, as a special gift for a special person.

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