Ladenac Milano: Luxury, Elegance and Tradition in the Art of Scented Candles


Ladenac Milano is a luxury candle and fragrance brand that offers a unique sensory experience with a blend of scent, light and design inspired by the beauty of Italian nature. Ladenac was born out of its founders’ passion for the world of fragrances and design and the need to create a complete sensory experience where all scents are exalted with Italian characteristics. It is a brand originating in Madrid, Spain, although its fragrances are inspired by Italian nature with notes of citrus fruits, spices, herbs and woods that create a unique atmosphere.In its composition, the best essential oils are chosen, natural waxes combined with pure cotton to guarantee a clean burn in the manufacture of their candles.

Ladenac’s products have an exclusive design and are carefully made and some of their containers are made from hand-blown glass, ceramics or precious metals. Furthermore, they think about the environment, because they are a brand committed to sustainability and adopt ecological practices such as re-using the containers of their candles. Ladenac has fragrances in all of their collections: AROMATIQUE, BOISÉE, CHIPRÉ, FLORAL, FOUGÈRES, HESPÉRIDÉE and ORIENTAL. All of them designed to evoke a sense of luxury, sophistication and relaxation.

Some of Ladenac’s outstanding collections:

Urban Senses 

This collection transcends the vibrancy of the world’s great cities with fragrances that evoke urban sophistication and energy from East to West. “Cosmopolitan fragrances, in majestic forms, transformed into iridescent grays and rose gold.”

Los Barrios de Madrid

A collection inspired by Madrid’s most iconic neighborhoods and a tribute to Spain’s cultural richness. Each fragrance captures a unique essence of the different areas of Madrid.


A collection of scented candles inspired by the exotic landscapes and cultural heritage of Africa. The fragrances are mysterious and have bold notes. The candles are laser-painted and when you light them, you catch a glimpse of the animals.

Ladenac fragrances are true sensory experiences designed to evoke emotions and different sensations.

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