10 Fascinating and unknown facts about Banksy

Banksy.  A name that evokes mystery, rebellion and a fierce critique of modern society. The identity of this urban artist remains an enigma to this day, which makes his works all the more emblematic. His graffiti, scattered around the streets of major cities around the world, satirizes themes such as war, poverty, inequality and the power of the media.

Here are 10 facts about Banksy that you probably don’t know.

  • 1 – A foray into cinema:

Banksy directed a documentary called “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, which satirizes the art world and explores the obsession with fame. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2011.

  • 2 – The habit of leaving clues:

Banksy often leaves clues in his works and on his social networks, thus fueling speculation about his identity and location.

  • 3 – Banksy Month in New York:

During the month of October 2013, Banksy made a series of works on the streets of New York. All his interventions were documented on a website, which attracted a lot of attention from locals and tourists. 

  • 4 – Participation in protests:

Banksy has participated in several political protests, including one against the construction of a wall in the West Bank and another in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

  • 5 – Criticizing Disney:

In 2015, Banksy created a satirical installation in Weston-super-Mare, England, called “Dismaland”. The installation was a dystopian version of Disneyland, full of criticism of consumer culture and the entertainment industry.

  • 6 – The Message Behind the Anonymity:

Banksy’s anonymity allows his works to be the main focus, preventing his persona and personal fame from overpowering the critical message he conveys.

  • 7 – The piece of art that was created at the auction itself:

In 2018, during an auction at Sotheby’s, one of Banksy’s works, “Girl with Balloon”, was partially destroyed by a paper shredder embedded in its frame, shortly after it was sold for over a million pounds. After the work was destroyed, it went back up for auction and sold for 18.5 million pounds.

  • 8 – The stencil technique:

Banksy mainly uses the stencil technique to create his graffiti. This technique allows for rapid execution and replication in different locations, thus spreading his message quickly and effectively.

  • 9 – Pop-up Shops:

Banksy’s pop-up shops are enigmatic and ephemeral events that pop up unexpectedly in different cities around the world. These stores sell the artist’s branded products, usually at affordable prices, and often carry critical and satirical messages about consumer society. His last pop-up shop was in 2019, called “The Walled off Hotel” and was opened in Bethlehem overlooking Israel’s separation wall.

  • 10 – Turner Prize:

In 2003, Banksy was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize, becoming the first person to be nominated on the basis of his work in outdoor public spaces, rather than in a traditional gallery.

Article Written by Luís Leão

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