The non-real sculptures


Alessandro Paglia is an abstract artist and photographer who uses black pen and paper to create non-real sculptures, which need to be contemplated.

These sculptures, which are actually real, are created by the artist entirely by hand, the process first goes through a pencil sketch and then the use of overlapping layers of chaotic lines with an intense black.

The artist spends about 50 to 250 hours of work in large-sized drawings in medical, he uses only black pen and cotton paper.

Through a combination of passion for photography and fine art, the artist creates great drawings of modern art.

Alessandro Paglia starts by going to the photography studio, where after choosing the theme for contemporary art, he takes pictures in order to achieve a perfect image that displays exactly what he wants in relation to the play of shadows and light.

As he himself mentioned, he usually does not reproduce just an object as it is, but with a simple intervention, such as a special coating, he wants to cause surprise and turn around in the story that the object tells.

As we can see in the photographs, the artist draws something that looks very real.

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