Jeans that satisfy lifestyle needs in the 21st century


In partnership with designer Joe Doucet, the luxury 3×1 jeans brand created a transformed pair of jeans to satisfy the new needs of 21st century life.

Doucet clarifies that the classic 5-pocket jeans that everyone knows and loves to wear is a 19th century coat that was designed for workers. He also mentions that, instead of focusing on making aesthetic changes, he wanted to use technology to make them more comfortable for the way we live and work today.

Doucet and the founder of the 3×1 brand Scott Morrison, took into account the differences between jeans of the past and those of the present to create jeans with a simpler but at the same time impactful finish. This striking finish features microfiber pockets – to clean and protect devices, a larger coin pocket to accommodate credit cards, lined with RIFD locking fabric and a unique black 8 ”reflective strip from 3M that runs down the center of the rear leg for extreme reflection when moving in low light.

The jeans are made with 12 oz – selvedge stretch denim from Kurabo from Japan.

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